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Roof Coatings

Roof coatings for commercial flat roofs give building owners a durable seamless covering when properly installed and maintained. As an experienced commercial roofing contractor, we will provide your business with a long-lasting application that will protect your property and save energy, as well.

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Flat roofs could be more accurately referred to as low-slope. The slope is vital to maintaining positive drainage from the structure. Modern roof coatings provide a clean seamless surface to allow water to flow smoothly away. The quality of the installation depends on the experience of your roofing contractor. Let us put our 33 years of experience to work protecting your business with roof repair or replacement for your low-slope structure.

Roof Coatings for Flat Roofs

Elastomeric roof coatings are sprayed, brushed or rolled on to create a resilient and flexible cap on low-slope buildings. All buildings expand and contract throughout the day and with the seasons and building materials have to accommodate that movement. Elastomeric materials flex without breaking to provide years of durable coverage. When finished, the surface is seamless and impervious to water.

Thorough preparation is crucial to a successful roof coating application. One of the top benefits of this type of treatment is that it can usually be applied right on top of the old roof. But that doesn’t mean that you can let just anybody do this work and still get a dependable finished product.

Expert Flat Roof CompanyWe begin any job with a complete inspection and repair of the entire rooftop. If there are areas of structural sagging, they have to be corrected to prevent standing water that will always lead to leaks, no matter how good the elastomeric material is. The entire surface must be clean and free of debris and loose building materials to ensure proper adhesion of the roof coatings.

Another critical area that will affect the success of roof coatings is how well your contractor installs the product around joints, edges and anywhere that pipes, equipment or fasteners penetrate the surface. In our experience, these are the first places that typically fail and allow leaks, especially if the initial work was poorly done. All of our work is backed up with a 5-year warranty, so you can count on us to do the job right the first time.

Cool Roof Coatings

Polyurethane roof coatings resist the heat and the damaging UV rays of the sun. By reflecting the sun’s heat away from your building, rooftop temperatures can be lowered by up to 100 degrees. The US Department of Energy estimates that you will save 10-15% on your air conditioning utility bills with these Energy Star qualified materials. The reduced workload on your HVAC equipment and the lower overall exterior heating means your entire structure will last longer.

Commercial Roofing RepairWith decades of experience, we know how to fix leaks and defects with all types of flat roofs. Elastomeric roof coatings tend to be durable and reliable, but improper installation, poor maintenance or storm damage can all lead to troublesome leaks. Moisture can travel in odd ways through flat roof materials. You should rely on a roofing company with proven experience to make permanent repairs. Contact us for a free estimate today.

Commercial Foam Roof Coatings DenverWe offer roof repair 24/7, and we specialize in handling storm damage and insurance claims. We will meet with your adjuster to go over every inch of your property to ensure that they don’t overlook any hidden problems. Our expertise with polyurethane roof coatings gives us the knowledge to help your insurer fulfill their obligations under your policy.

Please check our reputation with the Better Business Bureau and on Angie’s List. Count on us for the most reliable roof coatings in Denver, Boulder, Thornton and the surrounding communities. Contact us for a free estimate today.