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Storm Damage Repair

Storm damage repair eliminates roof leaks caused by severe weather. Damages caused by driving rains, high winds and beating hail can wreak havoc on your rooftop. As the first line of protection against the elements, you can’t afford to risk a leak. We offer 24/7 emergency roof repair to get to problems quickly. We’ll prevent the other issues that can come with water penetration, like mold growth and wood rot.

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Emergency Storm Damage Repair

Severe weather can take its toll on your rooftop in a matter of minutes. Depending on the materials you have, some problems are more likely than others. For instance, shingle roofs are vulnerable to high winds. When they are installed, they are placed in an overlapping pattern which allows water to shed from the rooftop at a fast pace. This keeps moisture from pooling in any spots or slipping underneath the shingles. But if the wind gets under the edge, it can create a peeling effect and tear large portions of your surface off in one fell swoop.

Tile and metal often need storm damage repair after hail or other sharp impacts leave their marks. Winds can turn tree limbs and virtually any other object that isn't nailed down into a projectile. Some objects can puncture the rooftop, making roof leak repair necessary. Other smaller objects and hail can leave behind smaller, less noticeable but equally detrimental issues. Tile is sensitive to impacts and can crack when struck at just the right angle. Metal can dent, which is typically a cosmetic issue. But sometimes water pools inside the dents and weakens the material making it more susceptible to leaks.

Shingle Roofs - While these tend to be damaged more easily than other materials, they are easier and more affordable when storm damage repair is necessary. Most often, we can simply repair the underlayment if it has been torn and replace the flawed area with new shingles.

Claim form for insurance companyTile Roofs - Many roofing contractors leave a small supply of tiles behind after installation which can be used to replace broken tiles during storm damage repair. Years after installation, it can be difficult to find a perfect match. If you don’t have extras, we can take tiles from less visible areas on your rooftop and move them front and center to repair the damage. Close matches will be used to fill the less noticeable spots.

Metal Roofs - Whether panels or tiles, metal can be replaced if dented badly. More often, however, hail damage repair on a metal roof requires tightening fasteners that were loosened when struck.

Insurance Claims for Storm Damage RepairOur team of licensed and insured roofing contractors are experienced in working with insurance companies for our clients. Insurance companies have a lot of loopholes that allow them to deny perfectly reasonable claims. We represent you during the storm damage repair claim process and make sure everything is done properly. We walk the surface of your rooftop with your adjuster. We do the paperwork. We provide a free estimate and professional recommendation on the course of action. We get results. Many of our clients only pay the cost of their deductible.

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