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5 Things Your Homeowner’s Insurance Company –
Does Not Want You To Know

Having damage to your home from a hail or a windstorm can be stressful enough. Then throw in your insurance company not stepping up in the way you should be covered can make you want to pull your hair out.

Have you ever been denied your claim even when all of your neighbors are getting brand new roof shingles installed from the same storm.

This report will show you how to overcome these problems and what to do to protect yourself and your largest investment, your home.

  1. One truth I am sure you are aware of is “The insurance companies are in the business to make money.” I am sure you would not begrudge them that, as there is no other reason to be in business except to make money. The issue at hand is that they sometimes don’t’ take care of their clients (you the homeowner) the way they are required to.

    When you have a claim the insurance company will send out an adjuster to look at and assess the damage you have called on. If you don’t have a professional meet them they are very likely to miss some if not all of the damage. Or to save time and paperwork simply state that you have no damage. This happens more than you would even want to believe.

    You need to have an advocate, a professional that understands the insurance game. You need a company that speaks their lingo and holds them accountable for insurable damage. That is where Gorilla Roof, Inc. comes in. The owner of our company has over 33 years experience in the roofing business and has worked with nearly all insurance companies. We work everyday to protect our customer, the homeowner.

  2. Not All Contractors are created equal. When you have damage to your roof you need to make sure the contractor doing the repair/replacement is the best in the business. After all, it is your house that has been damaged. Don’t just choose the contractor your insurance company refers you to. Because insurance companies are in the business to make money, they may "refer" you to a company they like to use because it “saves them money”. As a homeowner you have the right to choose your own contractor. One that you have checked out and proved they will work well with you and get the work done on your time schedule, not just the insurance companies. I am not saying some of these referred contractors aren't good, I am just saying that "YOU and you alone" have the decision of which contractor you work with.

    Make sure the contractor does not take any money up front. It is required that if a contractor does take money up front they must put it into an escrow trust account. The problem is: Did they? How are you to know if they just pocketed the money and left the State, or if they did in fact deposit it into escrow? It is much safer not to pay anything until the materials are delivered on to your roof. Then only pay the remainder after the roof has passed a final city/county roof inspection. To get this they must first pull a permit, must be a licensed contractor and must have insurance. Make sure the company is a Colorado company and not a storm chaser that has no ability to perform warranty issues.

    Check with your local BBB agency to verify that your contractor is an accredited member of the BBB. Don’t rely on the person’s word that knocked on your door. Check out the company that you are putting your trust in with the BBB. Also, don’t solely rely on things like Angie's List, or Yelp. They are great companies but anyone can put up a testimonial. Make sure they are legitimate. We here at Gorilla Roof, Inc. have great testimonials, but we are also Vetted and Accredited with the BBB. Aren't you worth it having only the best work for you?

  3. Your insurance company may require that you have all of the work approved and completed within 1 year of the storm. This seems like a long time but I have had to help homeowner’s scramble last minute to get everything completed and invoiced before the time deadline. Friend, you don’t want to have insurable damage to your roof and then not have the insurance company pay for their portion because you were not aware there was a time deadline. In many cases the insurance companies don’t make this abundantly clear and can cost you very dearly.
  4. The insurance adjuster that your company sends out is in most cases a roofing expert. You on the other hand are not. Doesn't is make good sense to have a professional advocate working to make sure your assets are protected. Even if it means protecting your assets from your insurance company.

    These adjusters are human and when a storm hits they work very hard. Due to this if they only have the homeowner to work with and not an expert they may deny your claim because it saves them paperwork. They also know that less than 50 percent of the homeowner's who are denied ever file for a re-inspection. If this has happened to you, you need to give is a call at as soon as possible at 303-502-9999, or email us at ed@gorillaroof.com.

    In most cases if you have insurable damage, we will get your roof claim approved and paid for by the insurance company. The only fee you would have would be your deductible.

    This can mean huge amounts of damage would go un-repaired without our help. Recently I had a roof inspection where the adjuster for a major insurance company got to the appointment early, inspected the home and found no damage. When I arrived to the appointment on time he was explaining to the homeowner that he had no damage and therefore no claim. I asked him to go back up on the roof to show me the lack of damage because that is not what I saw. I already had pictures of the roof showing the damage. We went back up on the roof, I showed him the damage and he agreed with my professional assessment. "He then apologized for not doing what he was required to do." I could have gotten him fired but he is only human. He was very tired and just wanted to get home. He then not only agreed to pay for a new roof, he had the fence & deck power washed and stained and 7 screens repaired. What started out as no claim turned into a $13,000+ claim? Now I ask you, would you as the homeowner want to come out of pocket and pay that amount of money when it is your insurance companies responsibility?

  5. Your insurance company wants you to think that calling in a claim will increase your premiums. This is not true. You can call in a claim, have an adjuster look at your damage and it will not cost you anything additional in the future. It is against the law for them to increase your premiums for this. Just make sure when you do call in your claim you call us to meet with the adjuster to make sure your rights are protected.

Call us now at 303-502-9999 or email us at ed@gorillaroof.com for a FREE Inspection. We will be happy to work with you to “Restore Safety & Integrity To Your Home”