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Insurance Claims

Roofing Insurance Claims for a home in DenverInsurance claims for storm damage repair and roof replacement are complicated. Your documentation must be precise, thorough and timely in order to be approved. Insurance companies aren’t eager to dole out money if they don’t have to, so they look for any missteps that can allow them to deny your claim. With over 30 years of experience and claim experts on our team, we’ve helped hundreds of our clients successfully through this process.

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Insurance Claims Process

When a storm passes through your neighborhood, you may not have an obvious leak or missing materials. But if you notice damage on your neighbor’s home or see them getting roof repair shortly after, you should call us right away for a free inspection and to begin documentation for insurance claims. Not all leaks penetrate through into your home immediately and can cause damage in the interim. And the longer you wait after a storm for an inspection, the harder it will be to prove to your insurance provider that the storm caused the damage.

If you have a leak present that is pouring water into your home, we provide 24/7 emergency roof repair service. As soon as we arrive at your home, we use tarps and other materials to temporarily seal the leaking area and protect the structure of your roof and the inside of your home. Once we have daylight on our side, we can inspect your rooftop and determine the extent of the damage. For your benefit, we take photos with timestamps to be used in your insurance claims.

We provide you with a free written estimate on the cost of the roof leak repair or new roof installation. This estimate, along with the documentation of damage, is provided to your insurance adjuster. We will even walk the surface with them to ensure they recognize the damage and why we’ve recommended a certain course of action. Insurance claims, under our supervision, are almost always approved; and our clients often only pay the cost of their deductible.

Roofing Contractor
Your insurance company will encourage you to research roofing contractors to ensure you’re getting a good one. We support that! We are licensed and insured and members of both the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List. Don’t just take our word for it - read through our client testimonials.

Although we’ve only been in business for 3 years, we have 33 years of experience in the industry. We’ve got the experience and training to properly detect issues and defects that the average homeowner wouldn’t see. Mold in corner of home from leakFor instance, shingle roofs are covered with protective mineral granules. During a hail storm, stones can beat away these granules leaving bald spots the size of a dime. The untrained eye may not notice something like this. But our roofing contractors know this damage well and understand how destructive it can be years down the road. But when these bald spots finally turn to leaks, it will be long past the time limit for insurance claims.

Your insurance claims in Denver, Boulder and Thornton cannot wait. Call us the moment you suspect an issue. We’ll provide you with a free inspection and estimate and provide you with outstanding residential roofing services.