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Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are an exceptionally durable treatment for homes, offices and retail buildings. We have over three decades of experience in residential roofing. For metal roof repair or new roof installation, you can count on us for a beautiful product that will protect your home and family from the worst that nature dishes out. We always stand behind our work with a 5-year warranty and the materials we use are always guaranteed for decades.

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Metal roofs
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From the sleek, clean look of a standing seam metal roof to decorative metal shingles in wide array of stylish choices, your new roof will last 2-3 times longer than with traditional shingles, up to 50 years or even more.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Many home and business owners love the crisp look that metal roofs give their buildings, but the impressive durability is perhaps the most outstanding feature. You have undoubtedly seen this application on buildings in your neighborhood. Metal panels run up the length of the roof from the lowest edge, all the way up to the peak.

The panels are typically between 1 and 2 feet wide and meet at a raised “standing seam.” Because the seam is raised and is vertical, rather than horizontal, water runs smoothly off this type of metal roof. Fasteners are hidden under the seams.

The steel panels are among the toughest materials you can choose to cover your house. You will never worry about corrosion, because the panels are covered with a tough zinc (or zinc and aluminum) coating at the factory. With an extensive palette of factory-applied colors, we have the materials that will precisely suit your design scheme.

Metal roofs, even in darker shades are naturally reflective and save energy by keeping the sun’s rays from heating the top of your building. Choose lighter shades of factory applied colors for even more energy savings.

New maetal roof on residential homeDecorative Metal ShinglesFor a traditional look with added durability, you can find almost any style you like in guaranteed long-lasting metal shingles. Simulated wood shake shingles provide a natural look without the ongoing upkeep. Elegant slate and clay tiles require structural work to bear the additional weight, but we can create the same appearance in a more affordable metal roof.

Residents who are required by regulatory deadlines to replace aging wood shake roofs should consider metal roofs as a safe alternative. Metal shingles and standing seam panels are completely fireproof and impervious to stray embers. Your insurer might offer lower rates for a home with a new roof installation if it is metal.

Metal Roof TilesAlthough metal roofs are much more durable than most applications, you should always have a thorough professional inspection following a severe storm or anytime you suspect damage. Finding and identifying storm damage right away is critical to receiving the full benefit of your homeowner’s insurance policy. We work with insurers to make sure you enjoy the maximum recovery that you are entitled to.

With over thirty years’ experience, we’ll make repairs right the first time and guarantee our work. As a locally-owned company, we’ll be here for you if you ever experience a problem with your metal roof. We are fully licensed and insured and you can check our reputation with the Better Business Bureau and on Angie’s List. Choose a locally owned company for repair and replacement of metal roofs in Denver, Boulder, Thornton and the surrounding areas.