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New Roof Installation

A new roof installation will beautify your home’s exterior, add curb appeal and value, and protect your property and your family from the most severe weather. With over thirty years’ experience, we can help you choose the right new roof installation for your home. The right combination of style, appearance and affordable durability will ensure that you will enjoy your investment in your home for years to come. We think you deserve to have a worry-free structure overhead, so we guarantee our work and offer manufacturer warranties on all the materials we install.

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New roof installation
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Shingle RoofsAsphalt shingles are the most popular new roof installation material because they are economical and they will protect your home for 15-30 years. Even the most basic shingles provide excellent protection for your home when properly installed and maintained. Step up to higher quality architectural grade shingles for longer wear and a more sophisticated appearance.

Metal shingles will give you a choice of even more opulent looks and are guaranteed to last decades longer than basic materials. A new roof installation with simulated wood shakes or slate tiles gives homeowners the look they love in low-maintenance and long-lasting metal.

Metal RoofsStanding seam metal roofs are quickly becoming a top choice for homeowners who appreciate the sleek, crisp appearance and the ability to withstand the toughest weather. This new roof installation features tough steel planks running from the lowest edge of the roof all of the way up to the peak, with raised vertical “standing” seams every 1 or 2 feet. With no horizontal seams, water and wind-borne debris slide smoothly off and away.

The custom steel material for your new roof installation is factory-coated with a protective layer of zinc to keep corrosion at bay for 50 years or longer. A full palette of factory-applied colors will give you options to suit any home design and neighborhood.

Tile RoofsClassic tile roofs have been in use for centuries, with good reason. They can easily last 50-100 years, or even more. They are stylish and elegant. They are a completely natural product that can even help save on your energy bill. A new roof installation with the familiar barrel or rounded clay tiles reflects the sun’s heat away from your house, reducing the load on your air conditioning. The air space created beneath the tiles helps insulate year-round and can help prevent destructive ice dams in winter.

Concrete tiles are a versatile modern version of clay tiles. Like clay, they are molded and baked in a wide variety of forms that will suit any new roof installation. With tints and textures baked right in, you can choose options ranging from traditional “Spanish” to low-profile or flat, to simulated slate or wood shingles.

Tile and metal are both excellent materials to replace wood shakes in fire-prone areas where regulations require a new roof installation. Non-combustible roofing helps qualify your home for the lowest rates for fire insurance.

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Roof Repair And New Roof Installation

We repair all types of roofs and we offer 24/7 storm damage repair. We’ll meet with your insurance adjuster to ensure that you receive the maximum recovery you’re entitled to. Don’t let storm chasers or less experienced contractors leave you with incomplete repairs. Damage that is overlooked by your insurer will certainly cause more costly problems sooner or later.

Call us and we will make complete, permanent repairs the first time and we’ll stand behind all of our work with a 5-year warranty. We have over three decades experience providing repair, replacement and new roof installation in Denver, Boulder, Thornton and the surrounding areas.