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Tile Roofs

Tile roofs have been used to protect homes for thousands of years. The materials are natural, they look great and they can last 50-100 years or more. Concrete and clay tile used for residential roofing are fireproof, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly.

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As your tile roofing contractor, we have the skills and the experience to do a proper job. With over thirty years in the business, we make sure every job is performed right, from start to finish. As a locally owned company, you can depend on us to be there to stand behind our work and our warranty.

Clay Tile Roofs

Clay tiles have centuries of proven effectiveness protecting structures of all types from the weather. Consisting simply of clay that is molded and baked, a variety of textures and shapes are available to enhance any style of home. Various glazes provide an array of shades and finishes that will fit nicely in almost any neighborhood or environment.

Because tile roofs can weigh more than newer treatments, the experience of your contractor is important for a structurally sound and long-lasting installation or repair. Ask our roofing installers how we will prepare the underlying support and what materials they will utilize. There are specific standards for decking and underlayment for tile roofs. We are locally owned with a verifiable track record and will provide professional attention before, during and after the work.

Concrete Tile Roofs

A nearly limitless variety of concrete tiles are available for roof replacement. Colors and glazes are baked right in to provide a selection of shades and finishes. And, just like with clay, the finished product is nearly impervious to the most severe weather and will last for a lifetime.

Concrete tile roofs are available in the traditional rounded barrel shape we think of as Spanish or Mediterranean, as well as numerous low-profile, flat or textured forms. Simulated slate and wood shakes are offered to give homeowners the durability of tile roofs with the natural appearance that suits their particular property.

Shake Wood Roof ReplacementResidents of certain areas might be facing a deadline to replace older wood shakes or shingles. Tile roofs are a great option for replacing wood shingles in fire-prone areas. Concrete and clay are 100% non-combustible, and they qualify your home for the lowest fire insurance rates.

New tile roof on home

Tile Roof Repair

Although tile roofs stand up to severe weather as well as or better than most, occasional maintenance or repair might be needed. Seasonal inspections and examination following storms should be performed by our company because we have specific experience with your type of structure. Don’t allow a less-experienced contractor or storm chaser to walk on top of your building. Clay and concrete roofing can be loosened or damaged by improper traffic.

Tile Roofing MaterialsCall us for a free inspection following a storm. We have the experience to spot even hidden problems that insurance adjusters commonly overlook. Storm damage that is neglected can lead to costly repairs later. We’ll meet with your adjuster and fight to get you a full recovery under your policy.

Let us use our experience to guarantee that your tile roof will continue to look good and protect your home and family for decades to come.Allow us to give you a free estimate for repair or replacement of tile roofs in Denver, Boulder, Thornton and the surrounding areas.