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New RoofOur residential and commercial roofing services help keep homes and businesses throughout the area protected by ensuring their rooftops are functioning how they are intended. We provide free roof inspections and estimates to our clients so they can make fully informed decisions when it comes to roof repair and replacement. With over three decades of experience, we can help provide the security from the elements that your property needs.

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Residential Roofing

The rooftop on your home, no matter the type, is not impervious to damages. Depending on the age, how well it was installed and maintained, and how rough weather has been in your neighborhood, it may start to show signs of deterioration. Often, we can help slow that process through expert repair. It’s important to pay attention to the signs your surface shows you, so that you can call right away. Sooner is always better when it comes to your residential roofing.

In some cases, your materials may have endured too much to be repaired. We can discuss with you the cost of replacement. Many homes in the area are facing a mandatory replacement of their wood shake shingles by the end of the year. For your new roof installation, we can recommend great brands like Owens Corning that manufacture:

Shingles are fire-resistant, while tile and metal are totally fire proof. All of these options will bring your home up to code and could even help save you money on your homeowner’s insurance.

Roofing Contractor in DenverCommercial Roofing
Protecting your property is a huge responsibility for a business owner. One leak can do a lot of damage to the structure of your building, to your equipment and to your product. As your roofing contractor, we can help keep your rooftop secure. Flat roofs found on commercial properties are prone to pooling. This is when the surface has small, uneven areas that sag and allow water to stand. Interacting with the sun like a magnifying glass, the water causes the area to weaken and leak.

We know how to locate even the trickiest leaks on low-sloped roofs and restore the surface. Elastomeric roof coatings are an effective and affordable way to ensure your surface will be leak-free for years to come without having to do an entire roof replacement. We’ll provide you with a free roof inspection of your TPO or EPDM surface and recommend the best course of action within your budget.

Emergency Roof Repair
Severe weather can hit your home at anytime, and so can leaks. We offer emergency roof leak repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that we’re available whenever you might need us. Storm damage repair covers the problems caused by high winds, heavy rains and hail. You can call us as soon as you notice a leak, and we’ll get to your home quickly and secure your rooftop as soon as weather conditions allow.

While some leaks are evident right away, it’s not always obvious that you need hail damage repair. Denver RoofingBut it’s important that you call for an inspection as soon as you suspect a problem. We handle insurance claims for our clients to decrease the chance they’ll be denied. However, they have to be submitted in a tight time frame; otherwise, it is difficult to prove the damage was caused by a particular storm. We document damages by taking pictures with time stamps and even walking the surface with your insurance adjustor. Don’t hesitate to call, it could cost you.

We offer professional roofing services in Denver, Boulder, Thornton and the surrounding areas. We are licensed, insured and recognized members of the BBB and Angie’s List.