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Foxfield, CO 80016
Phone: (303) 502-9999

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Ed and Lorraine Jacobs started Gorilla Roof, Inc. in 2012. After more than 30 years in the construction industry they started this roofing company to “Restore Peace Of Mind After The Storm” for other Coloradans. They love building a family run business with a shared commitment hard work, honesty, and customer happiness. They lived their values and make sure everyone at Gorilla Roof, Inc. is on the same page. “We’ve grown a lot over the years, not because of clever marketing or advertising, but because we know that if we do things right and treat people fairly the rest will take care of itself.  We realized that many home owners were being taken advantage of by other contractors and wanted to be the roofing company that focused on quality and honesty.”  Call us now for a free inspection and roofing estimate.  303-502-9999.