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Is it time to replace your roof? You've come to the right place!

Denver is prone to harsh environmental conditions that cause damages to homes and buildings. So it is only the quality roofing that protects homes from such damages and keeps water from getting inside. We, Gorilla Roof, are professionals in Roofing solutions and offer the best-branded services of residential roofing in Denver.

At Gorilla Roof, we make the roofing process simple. We’ll send out a qualified roofer to give you a free estimate. He’ll explain everything we’re going to do on the roof and will answer any questions you have. We’ll always give you several different shingle options that we recommend so you can choose the right fit for your home.

If you’re interested, we can even give you some addresses of houses that we’ve roofed so that you can get a better idea of what a certain shingle style and color will look like on your home!

Roofing Replacements

New Roof

Roofing Replacements

Roofing Replacements

Roof Inspections

When your roof is damaged you need to have a professional inspect your roof.  You need an advocate to meet your insurance adjuster.  This ensures that all of the storm damage is addressed.  This ensures that all damaged items and code upgrades are accounted for so your insurer pays for them and not you.

Your “Peace of Mind” is critical so we will be happy to assess the damage, help you with the insurance process and get the repair or replacement done quickly and on budget.  The insurance company brings out a professional to protect them.  You need the same to level the playing field.

Has your roof been damaged in a storm?

Look to us for expert Storm Damage Repair & Replacement

Storm damage repair eliminates roof leaks caused by severe weather. Damages caused by driving rains, high winds, and beating hail can wreak havoc on your rooftop. As the first line of protection against the elements, you can’t afford to risk a leak. We offer 24/7 emergency roof repair to get to problems quickly. We’ll prevent the other issues that can come with water penetration, like mold growth and wood rot. Storm damage repair can save your home! Call 303-502-9999 now!

Gorilla Roof is the Denver residential roofing specialist. All can rely on our quality workmanship and branded materials from start to finish. We offer our help for all types of residential roof repairs in Denver.

We do Roof Repairs

A durable new roof installed that protects owners family and their property for years.

Stop worrying about having to make repeated repairs every season. If every storm brings fresh roof leaks and another visit from your insurance adjuster, it might be time to consider calling our roof replacement company.

What other signs might warn that you need a roof replacement? Of course, you should rely on a roofing company for a complete evaluation, but there are simple and safe inspection methods that the homeowner can and should perform several times a year.

Does your roof need to be replaced?

Signs for a Roof replacement:

If you can access the underside of your structure from inside an attic, there are tell-tale indicators that roof replacement is in order. Try to conduct your examination on a sunny day and have an assistant turn off the lights so you can spot pinholes of outside light. Pay close attention around chimney flashing and valleys. If light can enter, then moisture is entering, as well.

We look for moisture stains on the sheathing, framing, and insulation and check the sheathing for rot or mold and mildew. Any of these conditions require immediate repair and possibly roof replacement. Sagging sheathing is a sure sign that your structure is at the end of its useful life.

For safety sake, it’s not necessary for you to climb on top of the house. Use a pair of binoculars to get a close look at your shingled surface. If you see cracked or curled shingles, or shingles that are loose or missing, you no longer have adequate protection from the elements. Obvious defects in the flashing around chimneys and in valleys are a sure sign of future problems. If these joints are caked with layers of tar due to repeated roof repair, the material will age and fail and should be replaced with proper metal flashing. Call us and we’ll perform a full inspection.

Is it time to replace your SHingle roof?

One easy test for asphalt shingle roof is to look for excessive granules washing off of the surface.

Look in gutters and around downspouts when you perform cleaning. Shingle roofs begin to release more of their granules at the end of their life span. A steady collection of granules under your eaves indicates that it’s time for a roof replacement.

The expected life of a shingled structure is anywhere from 15-30 years, depending on local conditions and the quality of the original installation. If your roof is at least 15-20 years old and you spot any of these indications, a roof replacement might be the best choice to head off costly emergency repairs.

Roofing Day Preparation

We know that having construction done at your home can be an inconvenience and we are going to do everything we can to be finished as soon as possible. The following list was compiled to help ease some of the stress… Please read the items carefully and do a thorough walk through of your home and yard before we begin the project. Storm damage repair can save your home! Call 303-502-9999 now!

Before construction begins
  • Remove hanging objects or pictures from walls, and any breakable objects from shelves as they may fall due to the vibrations caused by working on the roof.

  • Keep small children and pets inside or away from the work area at all times.

  • Cover pools, hot tubs, ponds or other water features which could be affected by falling debris.

  • Move all outdoor potted plants indoors.

  • Park vehicles away from the house, out of the driveway.

  • Disarm burglar alarms, vibrations may activate them.

  • Move outdoor lawn furniture away from the work area.

  • Do not run sprinkler the night before or during construction.

  • Cover objects in the attic and garage if it has no ceiling.

  • Provide access to your driveway.

    (This is necessary for suppliers to load shingles onto your roof and also for the roofing crew to load tear off into dump trucks and haul away.)

  • The roofing crew will need to be provided with a source of electricity and water.

  • There will be nails and debris around your house and in your driveway. Please walk carefully and do not drive on your driveway during construction.

  • When entering or leaving your home, exercise caution. Debris and other objects may fall from your roof.

  • Check to make sure that all gates are closed before letting pets outside.

  • Watch for overlooked nails.  (we always use a magnet to pick up loose nails but sometimes one gets missed.)

  • Leave Permits up until the city or county does the final inspection, if applicable.

  • Check furnace and water heater vents to ensure that they are connected to the unit. (They may come loose when the new vents are installed.)

Commercial Roofing

All of your commercial roofing needs

As Business Owners, navigating the process of insurance claim can be tedious. Let Gorilla Roof guide you through the process!

Strong roofs are very important for any kind of commercial establishments. With Denver being prone to natural disturbances like hails, snow, and storms, it’s important to safeguard your assets. Gorilla Roof, expert commercials roofers in Denver, will be the right company to complete commercial roofing projects for all business establishments in Denver.

When you replace the roof on your commercial building, you want to make sure you’re working with people you can trust to get the job done right and who will stand behind it. Gorilla Roof understands the uniqueness every commercial building possesses.

We can install a number of different roof systems tailored to meet your building’s needs. Whether it’s EPDM (rubber), TPO, PVC, shingles, or synthetics, we have the expertise to guide you through the roofing process. We’ll work with you to design a roof system that will best fit your needs.

All establishments

Branded Materials

Expert Installation

Cost effective


Servicing all of your commercial roofing needs


If you have a sloped roof, you have the opportunity to add style to your building and extraordinary durability. Shingles are a popular and affordable option, especially for apartment complexes with multiple roofs to cover. They come in a variety of colors and styles that allow you to complement the current look of your property. They last between 15-30 years and are the best commercial roofing material for a tight budget.

Metal roofs offer a sleek, modern look or can mimic the look of wood shake and slate. Tiles come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Both are fireproof and can earn you savings on your insurance. With life spans well over 50 years, these aren’t surfaces you’ll have to replace except in the event of excessive damage from severe weather.


‍Low-Sloped Roofs or Flat Roofs are most commonly found on commercial buildings. They present challenges different from sloped roofs found on residential properties. Flat roofs do not have the ability to shed water at the rapid rate that pitched roofs do, so they are more prone to pooling. This is when sagging or uneven areas on the roof allow water to stand until it evaporates. In the meantime, the sun’s UV rays reflect on the water like a magnifying glass and weaken the surface below. Spots prone to pooling are often the source of serious roof leaks.

  • ‍Flat roof leak repair – On an EPDM or TPO surface, repairs are easy with our experience. We use rolls of rubber roof material to cover leaky areas and adhere them with commercial-strength adhesives.

  • Roof coatings can be applied over repairs to ensure the most efficient and durable surface short of a new roof installation.

We perform free inspections and provide clients with free estimates on the cost of roof repair or replacement. When leaks are serious, repairs may not be enough to prevent the problem from returning soon after. And, your business’ budget may not allow for an entire replacement. Elastomeric roof coatings are an affordable and durable option that can add up to a decade of life onto your current roofing system.

Gutter Installation

We are Denver's gutter experts

We Deliver, Install and Repair Gutters.

If your gutters are old, leaking, damaged, or you’re just tired of painting them, then it’s time to replace them.

Installing new rain gutters isn’t rocket science, but it’s not something you want to try if you’re not an experienced professional. That’s where we come in. We’ve got several fantastic gutter options with plenty of color choices. The new seamless gutters we install are made with high-grade aluminum coil.

Flexible & Strong

Wide Color Range

Fits all Roofs types

Low Maintenance

Does your home need Gutters?

All Sizes & Colors Of Gutters Available

Gutters direct water where you want it to go. This allows for a safer home without undermining your foundation or damaging your landscaping. We can install new seamless gutters in a variety of colors to ensure beauty and functionality. The proper slope on gutters Is critical to ensure water is not sitting in your gutter or backing up onto your facia. Our professional gutter installers do the job quickly and properly. Call us now to set up a free estimate at 303-502-9999


Why seamless gutters?
  • More attractive than sectional gutters

  • Baked on enamel finish never needs painting

  • Custom formed on the job site for exact measurements

  • Installation is typically completed in one day

  • Variety of colors to choose from

  • Protect and preserve your home’s foundation

Insurance Claims

NEed a roofing insurance expert? We're here to help

Roofing Insurance, The Need of the Hour.

We are highly experienced and skilled to deal with Roofing Insurance and get claims without any hassles or delays. This is why our local Denver customers love us.

Insurance claims are the most important financial support for dealing in roofing replacements due to damages on account of storms, rains, etc.

We have a good and long-lasting relationship with many insurance claim firms and hence we are familiar with all of the formalities concerned with claiming insurance for roofing damages. The process of filing a claim for replacing or repairing your roof is not a complex one, but if it’s handled improperly, it can result in serious issues. The need for roofing insurance experts is a need for every customer.

We have helped countless customers get high payouts through our accurate process and communication with claim adjusters. Our experience plus our good relationship with insurance companies allows us to get claims in a prompt and quick way.

All establishments

Branded Materials

Expert Installation

Cost effective


We're here to assist you with All Residential & Commercial Roofing insurance claims Covering Entire Damages & Repairs

Insurance claims can be complicated, and it’s important to work with a contractor that has experience in dealing with these claims. The good news is that we’ve been helping homeowners deal with insurance claims since 1985 and we have an insurance adjuster on our staff to create clarity.

We work within the insurance estimate and supplement for any items that are missed or are found as we do the roof.  This ensures that you are not charged for items the insurance company should be paying for. We communicate effectively with your insurance company to ensure that all you will have to pay is your deductible. We work with all insurance companies, so no matter who your policy is with, you can be sure we’ll be able to help.

We take “Restoring Peace of Mind After the Storm” very seriously. So sit back knowing you are being taken good care of.


We Make The Claim For You!

If you experience storm damage, contact us right away. We can handle your claim to increase the chance of it being approved.

You may only have to pay the cost of the deductible. With over 30 years of experience, we know how to appropriately document damage and provide detailed reports and analysis that fulfill your insurance company’s requirements.

We offer 5-year labor warranties to stand behind our work. Licensed, insured, and highly rated with the BBB, we are a locally and family-owned business that supports other businesses within the community. Rely on us for your commercial roofing in Denver, Boulder, Thornton, and all the surrounding communities.